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Oshkosh History
The old girl is a 1975 Model with a 1674 Caterpillar engine delivering 275 hp. She has covered in excess of 1.5 million MILES on the same engine although it was re-sleeved in about ’79 because of not having rust inhibitor in the radiator while it was in the truck sales yard. The engine also had a rebuild around the 1million mile mark. The Oshkosh was imported with Hendrickson suspension but was not sold until Six Rod Suspension was fitted. Originally the sleeper was a seperate box but in a rebuild in the mid 80’s saw a combined sleeper fitted. After the turn of the century the truck was stripped down and rebuilt with basically a new cab as the old one had succumbed to rust renowned in the Esperance climate. Since then she has basically been used as a yard truck and short carting, the engine has a slight oil leak and is now due for a rebuild, deservedly so. A repaint of the chassis and the faded red on the cab has returned the Oshkosh to what the Esperance people saw travelling the area for many years.  

Oshkosh History – Owners
The truck was purchased by Rudd Barbarich around 1976 after it spent at least a year in the sales yard in Perth, Roger Goss drove the truck for Rudd and when it was sold to Harry and Sybil Wright in 1978 he went with the truck. Around 1983 Roger purchased the truck and the word is he worked around the clock for the first month to pay it off. The truck was sub contracted to Esperance Stock Transport Until 1996 When they folded and Roger set up a company of his own (R M Goss P/L ) and went on to purchase several Kenworths to manage the cattle & grain cartage however the Oshkosh still remained a focal point of the business, doing farm pick-ups and yard duties. Roger said many times $10,000 would buy her, but a sale never eventuated and many times he spent more than that to keep her in good condition and such was his affection for the old girl is the reason you see her here today, where we can all look back with fond memories and the odd yarn.

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