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Daniel.W.Marmon 1844-1907 Company Founder

  • Howard Carpenter Marmon 1876-1843. Built the first Marmon.
  • The first Marmon car was built in 1902 and sold in 1904
  • The First commercial in 1913
  • Marmon the first to introduced the use of Dual pneumatic tyres
  • The fitment of S-Cam actuation of roller ended rigid brake shoes was indeed prophetic in 1912.
  • The Marmon Model H crankshaft oil system was the first with oil introduced via a main bearing cap (1908).
  • Marmon Invented valve collets for Model 32 (1910)
  • Marmon used roller cam follower after their engineers had identified the appreciable friction loss associated with the flat follower. (1910)
  • Marmon originated the transaxle concept(but not the term)(1909)
  • Howard Marmon invented the "Banjo axle"(1908)
  • The fisrt car to be placed in regular production with an aluminium cylinder casting(1916)
  • Marmon were the first to put a cluster of matched instruments under a single,indirectly-lighted,glass .Marmon at the time identified it as "new feature quite likely to be copied",(1920)
  • The Marmon 34B enginewas the first automotive engine to incorperate precision insert-type Main bearing and to dispense with shims(1920)
  • Howard Marmon invented the force feed lubrication system(1903)
  • Marmon first to use steering dampers on their vehicle (1927)
  • The Marmon Roosevelt had the distinction of being the first 8 cylinder car in the world to sell less than $US 1000. This was a distinction of sufficient calibre to warrant a listing in the Guinness Book of records. (1929) (Marmons other Guinness listing is for factory installed Radio, also in 1929)
  • Marmon sixteen engine set a dry lake land speed record of 145 m.p.h in the unlimited class (1946, The engine developed more than 200HP @ 6000 RPM, The only basic modification was the Marmon camshaft.)
  • Six Marmon sixteens led that perade up broadway on Amelia Earharts completion of the first solo flight over the Atlantic by a woman.(1933)
  • drove a Marmon (until the takeover of lincon) and wrote "The Marmon 34 has a remarkable spring suspension and I do not believe that I have ever ridden in a car which handles as easily as this car does over the rough country roads. The motor is very quiet and free from vibration of every sort."

So that was a brief history facts on Marmon and how they started.

"The first Max Marmons delivered to Australia early 1995 and they have been very well accepted by owners and drivers. The first thing they all notice is the quietness and comfort. The bonneted (conventional) models available in Australia has power plants from 300-550 HP, with up to 1850 ft/lb torque for heavy haulage road train, forestry and construction work."

Peter Max said" Marmon Motors in the US has completed truck orders for the US air force. These trucks are used to transport vital components for the Air Defence system and were built to exacting specifications. These requirements include the ability to start up and climb a 10 per cent grade with 135 tonne gross load. They also had to maintain a speed of 90 km/h up a 5 per cent grade. All was achieved using the power provided by Caterpillar 3406E electronically-controlled diesel engines rated at 500 hp. Cooling was provided by Marmon's 1600 square inch high capacity system.

One unique aspect of the trucks is their braking system-besides the standard dual circuit air brakes, they were equipped with two engine brakes systems: Caterpillar brakesaver and Jacobs engine brake. Both systems are fully automatic as well as manual, to generate over 800 brake horse power.(darn thats powerful)

Peter Max said he has been working iin the trucking industry for over 20 years and has had his own transport company. "Marmon has always built quality hand built trucks," Peter said." Marmon has been renowned as a leader and innovator: it even has its first in the Guiness Book of records. For example, it was the first to put rear view mirrors and dual wheels onto trucks. On the mechanical side they designed and built the first S-cam brakes (1912) and were the first to desinged and use pressure feed crankshaft (1908)."

"Today, Marmon combines the age of old skills of craftsmen with the most modern and up to date technology. Marmon is the first truck manufacturer to use Huck bolts to assemble their 120 tonne chassis, and to use VHB tape instead of mechanical fasteners to assemble their cabins. Both of these advanced technologies are used by Boeing Aircraft Corporation in the construction of their Jet aircraft".

"Marmon is the only heavy duty truck manufacturing company that is owned by a large US transport company. These trucks are ideal for heavy load requirements of the forestry, cartage and construction industry here in Australia."

For budget buyers series as known as the "Workman" series of trucks in Australia. These basic trucks in the Max Marmon range starting at $159,000 for the 14 litre engine model.

Information was compiled up with research on Australian Max Marmon trucks. 

The latest truck manufacturer to enter the Australian market is Max Marmon. Marmon is a privately owned corporation which custom manufactures and hand builds its trucks in Texas, US. Marmon claims the greatest advantage of its trucks is their longevity. In Australia the trucks are distributed by Peter Max, hence the name Max Marmon. The first two Max Marmons in Australia were sold in early 1995 to Toowoomba-based Vanne Damme Transport.

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