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Graham-Paige was an American automobile manufacturer founded by brothers Joseph B. Graham (September 12, 1882–July 1970), Robert C. Graham (August 1885–October 3, 1967), and Ray A. Graham (May 28, 1887–August 13, 1932) in 1927. Automobile production ceased in 1940, and its automotive assets were acquired by Kaiser-Frazer in 1947. As a corporate entity, the Graham-Paige name continued until 1962.

After successful involvement in a glass manufacturing company (eventually sold to Libbey Owens Ford[1]) brothers Joseph B., Robert C., and Ray A. Graham began in 1919 to produce kits to modify Ford Model Ts and TTs into trucks. That led to the brothers building their trucks using engines of various manufacturers and the Graham Brothers brand. Eventually they settled on Dodge engines, and soon the trucks were sold by Dodge dealers. The Grahams expanded from beginnings in Evansville, Indiana, opening plants in 1922 on Meldrum Avenue in DetroitMichigan, of 13,000 square feet (1,200 m2), and in 1925 on Cherokee Lane in Stockton, California. The Canadian market was supplied by the Canadian Dodge plant. Dodge purchased the Graham Brothers truck firm in 1925, and the three Graham brothers took on executive positions at Dodge.

Graham's new truck line for 1928 included four four-cylinder models ranging from 12 to 112 short tons (450 to 1,360 kg) and one 2-short-ton (1,800 kg) six-cylinder model, which used the same engine as the Dodge Brother's Senior Six, here lightly modified for truck duty. The Graham Brothers brand lasted until 1929, Chrysler Corporation having taken over Dodge in 1928.

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