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Road Transport Hall of Fame & Ghan Museum

Year: 2011


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2011.

Edward Wilson was born in 1914. Ted, as he was known, was the inventive partner in a 3 man partnership firstly known as Rightway Engineers and later as Transparts Sales Pty Ltd. Ted worked out all the structural designs. Tom Tuite was the clerical and costing expert and George Pilgrim was a wizard with engines and gearing. Together they produced bogie trailers, concrete mixers, semi-trailer turntables and slide rails. They were located at Condell Park.

The first mixers, supplied to Eric Chadwick's concrete plant at Moorebank NSW, held 5 cubic yards and were driven by chain with a Holden motor and gear box. These were able to discharge a load in a few minutes. Mixers were also sold to Thiess Bros for use in the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Scheme where they were converted to run on rails inside the vast number of tunnels.

Ted was approached by Max Winkler of Antill Ranger Transport (Mayne Nickless) and asked if he could design a way to separate a truck and trailer faster and more efficiently. Ted drew up designs for a quick release turntable and made small models out of wood. When he was happy with the results production commenced. Other models were designed as time passed to meet the legal load limits that were gradually increased.

Ted went on to invent a quick release stow bar (tow bar) and also a sedan mounted caravan that was highlighted on the Inventors television show.

Ted passed away in 1983.


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