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Australian made ... worlds best!

The Kenworth Dealer Hall of Fame comprises around 11,000 sq ft of display space devoted to the history of the Australian designed and built Kenworth, and the Dealer network that brings this product and back up support to customers across Australia

K125 CR - known as the grey ghost - the first Kenworth ever built in Australia

The development of Kenworth in Australia makes an exciting story, from the earliest beginnings with fully imported and locally assembled product in the 1960's, through the watershed of Australian design and manufacture in 1971, (and that first chassis - 400008 - is on display!) to the handover in 2005 of the 30,000th Australian built truck.

With many pioneers of the industry beginning to take a step back from their demanding roles and passing the baton to their sons and daughters, the Kenworth Dealer Hall of Fame provides a fantastic forum to capture and share their stories with a wide audience. And where better to tell this story than in Alice Springs?

Alice Springs has long been a transport hub for one of the remotest regions in the world, over 2000km from sea (or other major population centres) in any direction. from the early days of camel trains, right through to recent times, goods have been transhipped through Alice Springs on their way to or from the northern port of Darwin, or far flung settlements throughout the sparsley populated Northern Territory, outback Queensland and Western Australia. It has a special place in Australian Road Transport industry as the birthplace of the roadtrain, and for the unique challenges of vast distances in the toughest conditions on the continent.

The Kenworth Dealer Hall of Fame highlights the role that Kenworth has played in opening up the Australian continent, perhaps the remotest and harshest environment for trucks anywhere in the world.

The displays are regularly augmented with new material, including additional trucks currently under restoration. The Kenworth Dealer Hall of Fame has already become a destination for all those people with a love of the trucking industry and the people who have helped shape the ongoing story.

Phillips KCR 125 kenworth

Kenworth Making History
Beginning at the main entrance browse along the walls and read the story of Kenworth making history.

Dealer Displays
Read the history behind each of the Dealers who make up the Australian dealer network.

The Grey Ghost
Aptly named by the "overnighters" this is a K125CR, chassis # 400008, the first truck to come off the Bayswater (Victoria) production line in 1971.

Display Room
In air conditioned comfort watch the various DVD's and view the collection of photos of Kenworths in action.

New Models
Recently added exhibits include the 2007 - T401, T604, T650, the very latest 2008 model K108, plus the experimental T605.

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